MCSA Application

Marketo Certified Solutions Architect


The MCSA is the highest level certification that a Marketo partner can attain.  To achieve this top-tier credential, Marketo practitioners must meet the following guidelines:
  • Possess a current MCE certificate.
    • Your MCE must remain current while possessing the MCSA certification.  Likewise, when your MCE expires, your MCSA also expires.  Passing the MCE exam every two years will automatically reinstate your MCSA.
  • Present live to a Marketo board, and demonstrate working knowledge in:
    • The core Marketo Lead Management system (MLM).
    • Two (2) areas of concentration (specializations).
  • Provide documentation and evidence of successful customer implementations in MLM plus the two advanced specializations.
  • Documentation should include strategy, design, implementation information, and results of the project.
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate Marketo concepts and applications using PowerPoint and/or other visual aids.


Consultants are expected to apply for MLM plus your choice of two (2) advanced specializations from the list below:
  • Marketo Lead Management (MLM) - Lifecycle, Scoring, Nurture (Required)
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Administration (System Setup & Organization)
  • Advanced Creative (Velocity/API)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Center of Excellence
  • Digital Advertising
  • Integration - Custom (API)
  • Integration - Native
  • Migrations (Marketo to Marketo)
  • Mobile
  • Web Personalization


The interview will take approximately 90 minutes.  Candidates are expected to present case studies and documentation that effectively demonstrate working knowledge in MLM plus the two chosen areas of concentration. 

Case studies must show evidence of successful product implementations for real Marketo customers with analytics to support your presentation.  Because this is a confidential interview, please do not remove customer names from your presentation materials.
Review the complete process here.


Prepare a PPT presentation that walks us through customer use cases that includes:
  • Who is the customer? What do they do, and who do they serve?
  • What is the customer trying to solve? Achieve? Goals?
  • What SOLUTIONS did you implement to help the customer reach their goals?
  • What best practices and recommendations did you provide?
  • How did you help prepare the customer for the next level in the maturity curve?
  • How did you implement MLM based on the customer’s needs (lifecycle, scoring, nurture)?
  • How did you implement each specialization you’re applying for based on the customer’s needs?
In advance of your interview (at least 7 business days), please provide your PowerPoint and customer-facing documentation on MLM plus your specializations – no need to re-create documentation; just use what you’ve already sent to a customer.
  • You can use multiple customers to cover all of your topics.
  • Include screen shots from the customer’s Marketo instance to support your claims.
  • Include reports and/or metrics to support your claims.


Upon submitting your application, additional instructions for scheduling your interview will be provided.  If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact [email protected].